Many people aren’t familiar with the different types of facials and treatments that are out there. As we all know, educating yourself on what to expect is always best before you dive into the unknown.

“Character Lines” – as our Aestetician Lorrie so graciously refers to them – will eventually creep up on all of us. This 100% natural treatment takes place of traditional surgery, injections, and fillers. A technique developed in the Netherlands that has quickly grown in popularity and is giving clients the option to treat their fines lines and wrinkles in a harm free and natural way. Lorrie says, “As with any health or fitness regimen, once is good for you but you’ll have to do it more than once to see results.” She recommends 8 treatments for best results.

Here, Carol, a long time, loyal client has outlined exactly how her META Therapy Facial experience went. She explains her treatments, her results, and gives her feedback on how she felt after each phase. It a great guide for what to expect.

“I opted to purchase a total of 8 treatments. The first four are one week apart; the next 4 are two weeks apart. Here are my observations during the course of 8 treatments:

Treatment #1

During the initial treatment, I could feel some tingling. Not painful, and when the device got close to my nose I felt the same sensation as wanting to sneeze. Post treatment, my skin was ‘rosy’ for about 3 days. I also used a moisturizing mask on day 4.

Treatment #2

This time I knew what to expect during the treatment. Post treatment, my skin was rosy for about 2 days. This time I noticed some peeling and flaking on the 3rd day. Applying extra moisturizer helped.

Treatment #3

Post treatment I observed a lot less flaking and peeling. Also noticed that my pores appeared smaller, the lines around my eyes seemed to be slightly less noticeable. Rosy skin lasted about a day, and didn’t need to apply as much moisturizer as before starting the treatments.

Treatment #4

Post treatment I had no flaking or peeling. Noticed that my pores seemed flatter and smaller. In general my skin seemed smoother and firmer. Crows feet seem less deep.

Treatment #5

Over the 2 weeks between #4 and #5, my skin took on a different texture and feel. The age spots have become much less noticeable. The pores are smaller and general appearance is smoother. Post treatment I had no flaking or peeling. The overall result for me is a clean feeling, healthy pinkness and suppleness.

Treatment #6

I noticed the most significant change between #5 and #6. My skin had a luster that wasn’t shiny or oily looking. Very smooth and firm, the color is   blush, looking very healthy and even all over my face, neck and décolletage.   I can tell that there are continuing improvements between treatments.

Treatment #7

Again continuing improvements. If this is possible, my face feels firmer from the inside out. The stubborn lines around my eyes, in between my brows and around my mouth have visibly diminished.

Treatment #8

For my final treatment we decided to spend a little extra time on my stubborn lines along with a chemical peel. It did take about 2 days for the redness to calm down, and there was some light flaking. Well worth it. From this point I will continue to monitor and will go for tune-ups every 6-8 weeks as required. The best surprise? This really works!


         Helpful Hints

1.    Use a clean pillow case after each treatment, in a pinch use a clean cotton T-shirt on your pillow

2.   Use a clean face towel/washcloth after each treatment

3.  Use sun screen

  – Carol Slattery  valued, long time client of The Mitchell Wade Salon


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