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Paul – Stylist

Paul, a seasoned stylist since 2011, has developed a passion for crafting stunning looks, with a particular fondness for working with blondes and bobs. His expertise extends to cutting curly hair, mastering short cuts, and creating beautiful long layers. For a closer look at his artistry, visit his Instagram page by clicking the icon to see pictures of his diverse and impressive portfolio.

Paul’s journey into the world of hairstyling began with a childhood affinity for styling his friends’ hair. Encouraged by his mom, he enrolled at Paul Mitchell in 2010, a decision he describes as the best he’s ever made and has never looked back.

Paul has invested in honing his skills, earning certifications such as Bumble and bumble cutting, Ulta Extensions, Keratin Complex, and more. He is also considered a Blonding and Cutting Specialist and is confident in various styles, including bobs, layers, pixies, and barbering and stays up to date with the newest styles.

Accomplishments and Awards:
Acknowledged as a top performer with Ulta Beauty across the entire district, Paul’s dedication and skill have earned him recognition in the industry.

Most Memorable Moment:
One of Paul’s most memorable experiences was a 16-hour color correction project, transforming thick, black hair into a platinum blonde shade. The challenging work, spread over two days, culminated in a beautiful transformation that left his client feeling happy and beautiful.

What Makes Paul Unique:
Paul prides himself on keeping it real. As a stylist, he not only provides expert advice but also fosters a relationship with his clients as a trusted confidant or “your very own hair bestie”. 

“ I always want to be transparent with my clients about their vision, how to get there, the maintenance and pricing. At the end of the day it’s about you leaving happy with healthy, gorgeous hair.”

Opinion on MW Salon:
Paul is enamored with MW Salon’s commitment to education and growth. The salon’s elevated atmosphere and emphasis on a high-end experience align with Paul’s professional values, making it the perfect fit.

Describing Himself:
Spicy, sassy, and fun, Paul brings a vibrant personality to his craft, ensuring his clients not only look great but also enjoy the experience.

Career Goals:
Paul aspires to be the best in his field and dreams of becoming an educator for esteemed brands like Bumble and bumble or working backstage during fashion week.

Career Challenges:
“In the ever changing world, staying fresh! It’s important to know whats on trend and I am consistently having to hone in my craft to keep up with new techniques to make that happen” Paul consistently embraces new techniques to offer clients the latest and best styles.

Favorite Quote:
“I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life.” – Lady Gaga

Career Idol:
Paul looks up to Daniel Joseph Muldoon for inspiration and guidance in his hairstyling journey.