“The Mitchell Wade Salon is committed to upholding a culture of unique experiences for our customers through our expertly trained team. We continue to raise the quality of the beauty industry.” − Mitch and Eneth Eubanks

In 2000, when Mitch and Eneth Eubanks made the decision to open a progressive, modern salon in the Oviedo and Winter Springs area, one of the first steps they took was in hiring a coach to educate them in their new business venture. The couple saw this expenditure, not as an expense, but as an investment − an investment in education.oveido-hair-salon-2 The Mitchell Wade Salon

“Having a coach kept us moving forward,” recalls Mitch. “And most important, it kept us accountable.”

Now 17 years later, Mitchell Wade Salon is one of the few world-class salons in the Oviedo-Winter Springs community. And it is primarily due to the Eubanks’ commitment to continuing education. Their philosophy is that anything that is learned can be built upon, whether it be a technique, a specific formula, or a modern solution to an industry obstacle.
“We believe in building a foundation of education,” says Mitch. “Once something is learned, it can then be taught, creating a cycle of teachers and students that keeps a salon like ours successful.”

In keeping with this spirit, Mitch has recently begun the journey of becoming a consultant with the very salon coaching company he has used for so many years. He spent a week in California to begin the first part of his training. This is a true testament to his beliefs in the importance of education and an admirable commitment to pass along his knowledge in an effort to help others grow.

To that end, The Mitchell Wade Salon has implemented a new position specifically in the interest of furthering education. Last year, they named senior stylist Valerie Prieto as The Mitchell Wade Salon’s first-ever director of education. Also, upon the introduction of carrying the full Bumble and Bumble product line, they have also sent Valerie and salon stylist Jackie Langfeldt to a training program that has certified them both as network educators of Bumble and Bumble, a brand owned by Estée Lauder. In order to maintain their certifications, both Valerie and Jackie attend regular seminars, when new products are launched, in order to learn the composition, target audience, and styling suggestions for each. They are Mitchell Wade’s very own source to all that is happening with the Bumble and Bumble product line and they continuously impart their knowledge to the Mitchell Wade team.

“I look to my team in our continuum of education,” says Mitch. “I have learned that the best way to empower them is to simply ask each team member what interests them, motivates them, then make a solid effort to implement such education and incentives.”

At the beginning of each year, the staff convenes for a planning meeting, during which Mitch and Eneth remind the team of the salon vision and its mission to perfect the experience it delivers to its clients. The Mitchell Wade Salon also encourages education seminars and trips throughout the year by reaching out to their team in order to set new goals and plan an education schedule that is targeted to the coming year’s trends.

One could say that the mantra at The Mitchell Wade Salon is: education breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success. When stylists are confident in their ability to perform the request of a client, they can then focus more on providing the highest level of customer service. Therefore, education is the key that makes The Mitchell Wade Salon the best customer service experience for anyone who walks through its doors.

“What I’ve found to be the simplest, most basic decision, and what has been the most reliable, substantial driver of growth in our salon is education,” Mitch says. “By providing the education my team wants – the education that they ask for – we have provided a foundation of strong and confident stylists that I trust wholeheartedly to bring The Mitchell Wade Salon to the forefront of the industry.”

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