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Maria – Stylist

I have always had a love for the beauty industry starting from a young age.  I was a tomboy growing up then one day when I was in 7th grade, my older sister had asked if she could dress me up. I’ll never forget how beautiful she made me feel. That is when I knew I wanted to do the same for others!

  • Certified Olaplex Professional
  • Barbicide Certification
  • Barbicide COVID-19 Certification
  • Hollywood Institute graduate

I was nearing the end of my beauty school career and a classmate of mine asked if I could do her hair before her wedding. I had given her this beautiful wine balayage and topped it off pinning up some curls. The moment I spun her around to the mirror she burst into happy tears and said to me “I’ve never had someone teach me things like this growing up.” After that we stood there for a minute crying and hugging. She genuinely touched my heart.

I am so passionate about everything that comes with the industry and want to know and learn anything and everything that I can.

The dynamic of the team. Starting from the front desk, to the assistants, to the stylists, everyone is here to support and uplift one another.

I am friendly and love to help in any way I can. I am extremely family oriented and love spending anytime that I can with my loved ones.

I aim to become a master colorist. Color has always been a passion of mine. I love how it can both conceal what my clients might be insecure about and enhance their beautiful features.

The most challenging part of this career is how this industry is constantly changing, trying to keep up with new education while enhancing to old.

The atmosphere. It’s a small space packed with a lot of character. You walk in and everyone is so friendly and eager to help.

It’s the Salon that I had been going to all my life. The fond memories of getting my hair done right before school started or picture day, really drew me back. I want to move people as happy and excited as they always made me.

“Do one thing every day that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Career idol: Guy Tang

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