Do You Color Treat Your Hair?

Style your hair?

Use hot tools or brush your hair often?

Expose your hair to heat or cold?

Or even sleep on a cotton pillowcase?


Well then you need Olaplex.


This revolutionary product hit the market a few years ago, and since then has been raved about by hundreds of blog posts, industry publications, and salon professionals internationally.

What it does, is, in simple terms, it permanently rebuilds bonds that have been broken in the hair.

While the ‘breaking of bonds’ sounds harsh, it’s a necessary evil when it comes to hair services. Anything that changes hair’s texture or color is done by breaking bonds in the hair. Overtime, however, damaged bonds can also compromise hair’s integrity, strength, and overall health.

Enter Olaplex.

Olaplex is a 3-step system that begins with Olaplex #1 in the salon during your color service (make sure to ask for it by name next time you’re at MWS). Your stylist will apply it in the lightener to help repair bonds WHILE they are being broken. Olaplex acts like an ‘insurance for your hair’ to ensure that hair still looks and feels healthy.

The salon also offers an in-house treatment, Olaplex #2, which can be added to a service for clients with damaged or over-processed hair. Many clients will add this treatment after a color service for its extra reparative effects, or between color services for maintenance.

Lastly, Olaplex #3 is a take-home product that the salon sells. Clients can use Olaplex #3 at home to help prevent damage between appointments and keep hair healthy. Keep in mind, this is NOT a leave-in conditioning treatment and won’t add moisture or protein to the hair. The treatment should be shampooed out of hair and styled as usual, (however, the longer a client keeps the treatment in the hair, the more effective it will be), and can be used once a week or more if deemed necessary.

To learn more about Olaplex, ask your Mitchell Wade stylist next time you’re in the salon, or visit the Olaplex website.