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The MW Salon has gone Gender Neutral


What does that mean?

Our services, the timing, and pricing will now be based on your hair length, NOT your gender. So, instead of ‘Ladies Cuts’ and “Men’s Cuts’ it will be categorized by: Barbering, Short, Medium, and Long hair.


What category does my hair fall under?

Let’s break it down. Below is what we base your hair length after:

Short Cut: Hair length to your chin (ie. Pixies, and some mens cuts using shears)

Medium Cut: Hair length chin to shoulder.

Long Cut: Hair length past shoulders.

Barbering Cut: for hair where different barbering techniques are used (ie. Skin fades, clippers)

daniel-apodaca-wmbbbU0LUG8-unsplash-scaled-e1661471733684-500x500-1 Gone Gender-Neutral
Short Cut
medium-cut-2 Gone Gender-Neutral
Medium Cut
long-hair-scaled-e1661471767642-768x1011-1 Gone Gender-Neutral
Long Cut
barb-2-e1661471391581-1 Gone Gender-Neutral
Barbering Cut









What is this going to cost me?

If you’re a client with us than you already know that our stylists work on a scale with different price points based on their level of experience. What was considered ‘Ladies Cut’ is now a ‘Medium Cut’ keeping it in the neutral zone. Depending on your hair length the price will go up or down $10*. What was considered ‘Men’s Cuts’ is now Barbering Cuts, priced the same. 


Why are you doing this?

We believe in salon inclusivity and in regards to that–we feel that making this change it aligns with

the goal of equality for all of our clientele. For example, Our pixie cut clients should not be paying more than some of our men that come in with long locks of hair and vice versa; the timing of your haircut should also be based on your hair length rather than assuming all men’s cuts take 30 minutes and women’s take an hour.  In addition to that to support our  LGBTQ+ clientele, removing the need to identify where the individual falls on the gender spectrum also provides an environment where all of our clients feel both comfortable in our salon and confident with their looks. This allows our stylists and anyone who comes in the freedom of expression and creativity free of judgment.


Is this the new fad?

Gender Neutral pricing has been around for 5+ years starting in

 the U.K and making its way over to the states. We are definitely not the first salon to initiate this change and hopefully not the last in this movement for salon inclusivity. With changing over software, and extensive research on other gender-neutral salons and their clients this felt like the right time to introduce our new services.


For more information from some of those sources you can find it on:

Behind The Chair | GQ | L.A. Times | Vice | Salon Direct | itv

Hair is vulnerability, hair is the way you’re perceived,” Hendricks said. -L.A. Times

Ultimately, this change was made to better serve YOU, our clients. As stated by Salon Director Lyndsey Mahy “Gender does not impact hairstyles anymore, hairstyles are completely genderless 

as ladies can have short hair and men can have long hair. Everything goes these days.  Anna Evans-Baye also said, “In my eyes, this is a small movement to improve equality amongst everyone—one fabulous haircut at a time!” 


We couldn’t agree more and look forward to having you in to do what we love most–hair.

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*exclusions apply on the price scale for Senior Stylists and Owner.