Fighting The Frizz in Florida

Did you know that taking a dip in the pool or the ocean, or just soaking up the sun affects your hair just as much as your skin? Because of this, most hairstylists tell clients to wear sun protection for their hair too (especially if your hair is chemically treated).

IMG_0260-300x300 Fighting the Frizz in FloridaAs Floridians we know that heat and humidity are unavoidable. With that comes the dreaded frizz and dryness. As a curly girl myself dealing with these issues for years, I consulted with my hairstylist to find out more information on how to treat unmanageable hair during the summer months.

What is the best treatment for frizzy hair?

You may have heard of a keratin complex treatment before. If you don’t want to worry about your hair day-to-day, this treatment will smooth out the frizz for up to five months, add a layer of protection for heat styling, UVB rays, chlorine, and keep your hair strong and healthy.

What are some other benefits of a keratin complex treatment?

Frizz isn’t the only thing you get to say goodbye to. Keratin treatments help cut blow

IMG_3459-1-1024x842 Fighting the Frizz in Florida drying time in half. The layer of keratin over your hair follicles prevents your hair from soaking up and retaining too much water, so hair dries much faster. As mentioned before with spending time at the

beach or the pool, the layer of keratin also helps from absorbing all that salt and chemicals.

You’ll notice a big change in the silkiness and shininess of your hair too. For those blonde and natural grey girls, you’ll notice your color stays longer without needing it to be toned.

Should I be concerned about chemicals like formaldehyde in keratin treatments?

Formaldehyde is a possible carcinogen that has been linked to cancer. This can be an ingredient in keratin treatments depending on the brand. You don’t want to risk your health for frizz-free hair. A great resource is Women’s Voices for the Earth, a non-profit organization that pledges to intentionally and openly join with all women to reclaim the health of their bodies from harmful chemicals in products developed for their use. You can check out various hair product manufacturers to make sure there are no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. It’s important to do your research, look at the different kinds of keratin services available and most importantly, make sure the salon/stylist you pick is certified to treat your hair properly.

When considering what works best for your hair, consult with your hairstylist and
do your research. We also do free consultations so call to make one with one of our stylists and find the best fit for you. In the end it’s your comfort that matters most. For me, that was taking back control of my hair in our beautiful and swampy state of Florida. AND finally enjoying my natural curls. I am happy to say that I can’t wait to be rid of the F-words, formaldehyde and frizz!