So… what’s the difference between “ombre”, “balayage”, “baby-lights” and traditional “foils”.


Most of us are familiar with foil highlights. The hair is sectioned, strands of hair are weaved out, brushed with lightener, and set to process between a set of foils. The foils trap in the lightener, which results in a more intense lift, and ‘pop’ of blonde. This is the perfect service for a client who wants to lift their natural color more than a few shades, or someone who wants an all-over lighter look.


Foils can include “babylights”, which are thinly spaced out highlights, done to replicate the natural highlights in a child’s hair. They are very subtle and create a nice dimension for blonde on blond highlights.


The word “ombre” comes from the French word for “shadow”, and refers to the actual transition of going from dark to light. (Traditionally ombre is only for brunettes; on blondes it would be called a “sombre”.) This style is for a client who wants the slow transition from a darker rooted area, to lighter ends. The maintenance is low on this look, because the roots are left natural.


The word “balayage” refers to the actual technique of painting hair. The word comes from the French words “to sweep”. If you’ve ever seen someone getting a balayage at the salon, you’ll understand when you see the sweeping motion of the brush, moving through triangle sections of the hair.

With “balayage” there are still some darker pieces left out at the ends for dimension and it results to an all-over more natural, sun-kissed look. It’s even less maintenance than an ombre, as the highlights are more subtle, and painted to resemble a child’s hair after a long summer at the beach.


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